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Easy Move is dedicated to assisting individuals and families with both the physical and emotional process of down sizing and relocating. There are so many tough overwhelming questions - "Do I bring this item with me, do I gift it, donate it, sell it, recycle it, or just throw it away. Where do I begin?" We understand this is a difficult task and we provide a hands on service to help complete a smooth transition. Helping our clients and their families achieve a stress free move is our number one priority.

We realize the relocation process is different for each individual family. As a result, we will schedule a free in-home consultation and customize a plan that works for you. You are in control - you determine to what degree of help you would like, a little or a lot.

Not everyone has the qualifications and training required to manage Senior moves, as they often require special handling and special circumstances. We will work with you at your pace, at your most convenient time. As a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, we are trained to understand and support the social, physical and emotional struggles older adults face when moving. We are not only bound by a standard of ethics, safety and integrity, we also have the training, skills and knowledge to help Seniors and their families, and are dedicated to continuing our professional development.

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Why Hire a Senior Move Manager?
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